Global citizenship

It was almost 5 years ago, when i realised that i am so happy when i go abroad. Then i understood that meeting with new people, being lost in one of the cities i have never been before, talking with people from all over the world until the first light of morning, exploring new places, taking photos even with someone who never know before are exactly the things i would like to do until i get bored. It is not that hard or easy for everybody in the world, sometimes because of flight tickets, sometimes you dont have enough money … Continue reading Global citizenship


For more than 4 years, i am thinking the reason of my favorite country, Spain. Why i chose that country as my favorite country which i feel even after years. It was the first country i visited and after that much years, i visited 20 countries and still, Spain is the best! While i am travelling, i like to act as a citizen, try to connect with more people, understand their daily life. That’s why, i dont like to pay more for accomodation and stay more expensive places than i expect for basic needs. I like to keep in touch … Continue reading Spain