For more than 4 years, i am thinking the reason of my favorite country, Spain. Why i chose that country as my favorite country which i feel even after years. It was the first country i visited and after that much years, i visited 20 countries and still, Spain is the best! While i am travelling, i like to act as a citizen, try to connect with more people, understand their daily life. That’s why, i dont like to pay more for accomodation and stay more expensive places than i expect for basic needs. I like to keep in touch … Continue reading Spain

Erasmus effects

Photo from Burano-Italy. July 2016. Sometimes people, sometimes experiences, sometimes things we saw affects our life deeply or not. I was an ordinary person to just take photos then i got a great opportunity: Erasmus. It is an European Union student exchange program which is named after philasopher Erasmus. My story basically started with that program. Before i started to travel with voluntary project eventually Spain, France and Czech Republic then in the beginning of 2016, i was an Erasmus student in Cracow,Poland for spring semester and the in Thessaloniki, Greece for fall semester. I met with a lot of … Continue reading Erasmus effects

Idea of having a blog

Photo from Lisbon-Portugal. December 2016. Hello from the first post! That was the idea of my friend, while we are talking about traveling with her, she encouraged me about having a blog to share my experiences. I just laughed when she told me, because i knew that lots of people have different types of blogs about travelling. Why i have that blog after 3 years from conversation is because i realised that it doesnt matter how many years ago, still i really like to share my experiences with people in all my social media accounts. Also as an architecture student, … Continue reading Idea of having a blog