Global citizenship

It was almost 5 years ago, when i realised that i am so happy when i go abroad. Then i understood that meeting with new people, being lost in one of the cities i have never been before, talking with people from all over the world until the first light of morning, exploring new places, taking photos even with someone who never know before are exactly the things i would like to do until i get bored. It is not that hard or easy for everybody in the world, sometimes because of flight tickets, sometimes you dont have enough money … Continue reading Global citizenship


For more than 4 years, i am thinking the reason of my favorite country, Spain. Why i chose that country as my favorite country which i feel even after years. It was the first country i visited and after that much years, i visited 20 countries and still, Spain is the best! While i am travelling, i like to act as a citizen, try to connect with more people, understand their daily life. That’s why, i dont like to pay more for accomodation and stay more expensive places than i expect for basic needs. I like to keep in touch … Continue reading Spain

Erasmus effects

Photo from Burano-Italy. July 2016. Sometimes people, sometimes experiences, sometimes things we saw affects our life deeply or not. I was an ordinary person to just take photos then i got a great opportunity: Erasmus. It is an European Union student exchange program which is named after philasopher Erasmus. My story basically started with that program. Before i started to travel with voluntary project eventually Spain, France and Czech Republic then in the beginning of 2016, i was an Erasmus student in Cracow,Poland for spring semester and the in Thessaloniki, Greece for fall semester. I met with a lot of … Continue reading Erasmus effects

Idea of having a blog

Photo from Lisbon-Portugal. December 2016. Hello from the first post! That was the idea of my friend, while we are talking about traveling with her, she encouraged me about having a blog to share my experiences. I just laughed when she told me, because i knew that lots of people have different types of blogs about travelling. Why i have that blog after 3 years from conversation is because i realised that it doesnt matter how many years ago, still i really like to share my experiences with people in all my social media accounts. Also as an architecture student, … Continue reading Idea of having a blog


Merhaba, bu hem bu blog için bir giriş yazısı hem de kendimi ve yazacaklarımı anlatmam için bir başlangıç. İlk olarak 2013 yazında gezmeye başladıktan sonra bunu çok sevdiğimi ve devam etmem gerektiğini fark ettim. Çünkü yeni yerlere gittikçe hem kendime hem de çevremdekilere daha çok şey katabiliyordum.  Böylece yola çıktım ve o gün bugündür hala ilk fırsatta ucuz uçak bileti bakıyorum. Yeni yerler görmek, yeni insanlar tanımak, bazen uyuyacak yer bulamayıp ortada kalmak, bazen yiyecek bulamayıp aç kalmak bazense yağmur altında saatlerce yürüyüp gezinin geri kalanını hasta geçirmek… Bunların hepsi tek bir parça, çünkü geriye dönüp baktığınızda hepsi güzel birer … Continue reading #burcustravels