Global citizenship

16508229_10212177733262924_2638873076304656597_nIt was almost 5 years ago, when i realised that i am so happy when i go abroad. Then i understood that meeting with new people, being lost in one of the cities i have never been before, talking with people from all over the world until the first light of morning, exploring new places, taking photos even with someone who never know before are exactly the things i would like to do until i get bored.

It is not that hard or easy for everybody in the world, sometimes because of flight tickets, sometimes you dont have enough money or the feeling which trigger you to away from home wont be enough. I met a friend from El Salvador in Greece and he was complaining about long time flight but he was also happy to be with us. Then i just realised that sometimes we can be really lazy even we are young enough. Well, as you know Ryanair is the best thing in the world! And they are an England based on company so it is much more easy to find a cheap flight from somewhere in England to anywhere. Then i met a girl from London in Germany and she was lazy enough to find a lot of reasons to travel more. But it shouldnt be the only reason which block you to explore the world. And finally i looked people in my country, i am from Turkey and because of visa procedures, you should spend more money for paper works than anyone who live in Schengen area. Thus we all can have reasons but any of them should limit young people i believe.

After i saw all these, in my university they opened a new minor area for architecture students. It was about global citizenship and courses are about language, cultures. sociology. literature but all of them is about being human and take care of the world. I chose this area as a minor and i ding regret at all. It encourage me more to know something more deeply and try to understand people from their perspective.

As last words, People should do what they make them happy and reason shouldnt be about things which they can solve easily, they just need to change their perspective. If the problem is money, just try to spend less money by using Couchsurfing or promoting yourself by drawing. If the problem is encouragement, just read more about distant lands, if you are still complaining lack of language, then just go abroad and smile people! Because i believe there is no reason at all!


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