For more than 4 years, i am thinking the reason of my favorite country, Spain. Why i chose that country as my favorite country which i feel even after years. It was the first country i visited and after that much years, i visited 20 countries and still, Spain is the best! While i am travelling, i like to act as a citizen, try to connect with more people, understand their daily life. That’s why, i dont like to pay more for accomodation and stay more expensive places than i expect for basic needs. I like to keep in touch with locals, go to the same market with them that they do their daily shopping. Because i prefer to think about their daily routine when i am abroad. What’s more, i need to feel comportable with these people even i cant speak their language. Imagine that in my first experience on abroad, when i was lost, the woman who help me didnt know to speak in English, it was not the barrier for her to help me. All in all, luckiest country in the world Spain for me. The best mixture of perfect weather, sympathetic people, amazing history, latin dances, intriguing language and heaven of Sangria!

For years ago, when i arrived for the first time to Spain, i was there for voluntary project in the area which Castilla y León and during that one month of voluntary project, i met with mostly Spanish people in my age. Also i got a chance to see Salamanca, the region of Extramadura  and the International Tagus River Natural Park (Parque Natural Tajo Internacional).

After that project, i travelled with my friend to see Madrid and Barcelona. These two cities are the most touristic cities but you have to get lost to understand real spirit of Spanish culture or have to go smaller cities in Spain.


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