Idea of having a blog

IMG_1155Photo from Lisbon-Portugal.

December 2016.

Hello from the first post!

That was the idea of my friend, while we are talking about traveling with her, she encouraged me about having a blog to share my experiences. I just laughed when she told me, because i knew that lots of people have different types of blogs about travelling. Why i have that blog after 3 years from conversation is because i realised that it doesnt matter how many years ago, still i really like to share my experiences with people in all my social media accounts.

Also as an architecture student, photography is the one and only hobby to trigger me about travelling. As long as i take photos, i told myself to travel more to have more captions. İ started to take a picture of buildings or building details to use in my projects but after time, i combined it with architecture styles from different countries and timelines.

My mother tongue is Turkish, so sometimes i will share my posts in my main language  but mostly i will try to share in English. Moreover, i will use mostly photos i took from my professional camera (Canon 500D) or my phone (Iphone 5S or 6S).

I would be appreciated if you can comment in every point for better or for the worse. I tend to improve my posts with your opinions and comments. Thanks in advance, hope you will enjoy!


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